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Uniquely crafted flavors for your tastebuds

We hand craft every flavor using flavoring extracts, not sugary syrups. We do not add sweeteners or preservatives. Flavors change monthly…kinda like the moods of Mrs. Jones.

Flavors from A-Z:

Birthday Cake – A celebration in your cup! This flavor mingles vanilla with hints of lemon. Don’t forget the sprinkles on top!

Brew-whacker – If you know, you know. A Bushwhacker is a frozen cocktail that tastes like a boozy milkshake. We have created a cold brew elixir reminiscent of this Pensacola Beach favorite by combining the flavors of chocolate, rum, vanilla and hints of coconut.

Butterbeer – A magical flavor combination of butterscotch and caramel perfectly fit for wizards, witches and muggles alike.

Butter Rum – Think hot toddy, but in a cold coffee form. Smooth flavors of buttered rum and hints of spice.

Cafe de Galvez – This Mrs. Jones original combines flavors of spiced rum & orange. We were inspired by the story of Spanish military leader Bernardo de Galvez, who helped defeat the British at the Siege of Pensacola in 1781.

Candy Cane – A holiday inspired vanilla & peppermint concoction. Mix in some chocolate syrup or chocolate milk to make a mint mocha.

Caramellow – We combined two favorite flavors into a mellow blend of vanilla & caramel.

Caramel – Who doesn’t love caramel? This flavor features the deep, rich flavors of caramel without the sugar and calories of the real thing.

Chai Spice – A hand crafted cold brew coffee version of a Dirty Chai. We combined our Everyday Blend of Elixir coffee concentrate with the warm spice flavors of chai tea.

Chocolate Mocha – Our own hand crafted blend of organic cocoa and vanilla. Shake well before using because all the chocolatey goodness settles in the bottom of the bottle.

Coconut Rum – Day drinking without the alcohol. This tropical combination of coconut extract and rum flavoring can make you wanna don your coconut bra and grass skirt & dance like a fool.

Coco-cinna-rum – A blend of buttery cinnamon, coconut and rum flavors, this tropical Rumchata-inspired creation will give you a beachy caffeine buzz.

Cookie Butter – Inspired by Biscoff cookies, we created a cold brew with the rich flavors of buttery ginger, spice and molasses.

Cookie Dough – For those of you who lick the bowl when making cookies, we have combined the flavors of butter, brown sugar, vanilla and chocolate into this coffee cookie concoction.

Cookies & Cream – Chocolatey and creamy taste, just like the favorite ice cream flavor, but without all those pesky calories.

Creme Brûlée – This dessert-inspired coffee features rich, burnt caramel and hints of creamy butter flavors.

Dark Arts – A magical combination of chocolate, hazelnut & rum flavors that is frighteningly delicious.

Decaf – Unleaded version of our Everyday Blend with hints of chicory. ***please allow extra time (2-3 days) for preparation.

Everyday Blend – New Orleans style with hints of chicory; bold flavor with notes of chocolate, molasses, and dried fruit. This is a versatile blend is perfect for adding to cocktails, mocktails, smoothies, and dessert recipes. Everyday is the best option for creamy coffee beverages as its strong coffee flavor stands up well to the addition of milk and sugar.

Fluffernutter – A classic favorite sandwich converted into a cold brew! The distinct flavors of peanut butter and marshmallow, but without the calories, sugar or guilt.

French Toast – Breakfast in a Cup; a blend of buttery maple and cinnamon.

German Chocolate Cake – We’ve converted a favorite cake flavor into a caffeinated combination of rich chocolate, coconut, pecan, and caramel flavors.

Horchata – Our cold brew version of the traditional Mexican cinnamon rice milk beverage, with coffee and without sugar.

Killa Nilla – Not your average vanilla; this flavor tastes just like vanilla wafer cookies in your coffee cup.

King Cake – Let the good times roll right into your coffee cup. This flavor tastes like a cinnamon roll: spicy and buttery and delicious. This flavor is the same formulation as our Snickerdoodle flavor, so you can get it year-round, not just at carnival time.

Lavender Vanilla – A delightful mix of smooth vanilla and floral lavender. We steep the lavender for this flavor before adding it to the cold brew. It’s delicious hot or cold with a bit of cream.

Luchador Love – This intensely flavored cold brew hits hard (almost like the wrestlers its named after). Mrs. Jones has blended a trio of spicy peppers, organic cocoa, cinnamon and vanilla to create a smoky Mexican chocolate flavor that will make you want to wrestle the day…and WIN!

Marshmallow Cereal – A magically delicious flavor combining the distinct marshmallow flavors of that very popular cereal whose name we cannot mention due to trademark rules.

Midnight Mocha – Mrs. Jones’s specialty dark chocolate flavor featuring black cocoa & hints of vanilla.

Mint Chocolate – Mrs. Jones’s favorite flavor of ice cream is mint chocolate chip. We’ve created a cold brew coffee version with flavors of dark chocolate and smooth mint.

Mrs. Mix a Lot – We like big cups (of coffee) and we cannot lie! This original flavor mixes chocolate, cinnamon, caramel, and vanilla. You can’t deny its deliciousness.

Pecan Praline – Inspired by the flavors of New Orleans’ favorite sweet, this coffee flavor tastes like caramelized pecans with hints of vanilla.

Pralines & Cream– Grandma’s favorite ice cream flavor – and just like grandma, it’s slightly nutty and completely lovely.

Pig Candy – Bacon makes everything better. We’ve blended the flavors of brown sugar and bacon, added hints of black pepper and cinnamon to make this southern original.

Pumpkin Pie – Imagine a world where it is always Fall and you can wear cute boots and cable knit sweaters daily. It tastes like pumpkin and cinnamon, clove and nutmeg.

Red Velvet – A southern tradition that will remind you of the original cake version — flavors of velvety chocolate and vanilla, with a hint of creamy-like acidity.

Runaway Street Car – Mr. Jones came up with the name of this happy accident. We mistakenly mixed our Thunderbolt Xtra caffeine coffee blend with the chicory in our Everyday Blend. The results are a highly caffeinated, dark roast flavor with the smoothness of a classic cold brew.

Scotch Brownie – To recognize National Butterscotch Brownie Day on May 9, we created a cold brew coffee version of this favorite cookie…brownie, er… brookie. Whatever you call it, enjoy the flavors of rich chocolate and butterscotch in (and with) your coffee.

S’mores – A fall classic, blending the flavors of chocolate, marshmallow and buttery graham goodness.

Snickerdoodle – A buttery vanilla and cinnamon concoction — hand crafted to allow you to have your cookie and your coffee in one cozy beverage.

Toffee – We’ve put a classic candy flavor into coffee form with this deep rich flavor of caramel.

Vanilla Cardamom – This fragrant original blend features flavors of smooth vanilla and toasted cardamom, yielding a spicy, citrus-like result.

Whiskey Praline – A delightfully kooky blend of nutty praline and boozy whiskey flavors. Not unlike your crazy Aunt Mildred who lives in the French Quarter and tells dirty jokes when she’s had a few too many.

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